David Prati — Interactive designer & coder

— Hi, I'm David. I'm a 5 years experienced internet worker. I design and code interactive things, and I'm currently working at Spintank, Paris.

Redesigning the new paris.fr

During 9 months, I worked on a new version of Paris' website. I designed every page in close accordance with a UX designer, a creative director and a development team.

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Reshaping Le Gorafi's website (- french equivalent of The Onion)

In summer 2015, we created a new website for Le Gorafi, a french parodic webmedia. I have been in charge of the pages' different versions and the front-end development on Wordpress.

  • My role: Interactive design & Front-end development
  • Creative direction: Baptiste Fluzin
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Retranscribing a classical composer's music into graphic design

In September 2015, I created a visual identity for the composer Jacques Lenot. I adapted this identity through a portfolio, imagining several animations and interactions.

  • My role: Digital art direction
  • Front-end development: Akaru
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Remembering movies and TV shows you want to watch.

Movielist is one of my many side-projects! It is an iOS app allowing the users to create a list of the films and TV shows they want to watch later. This project is part of my studies about recommandation interfaces.

  • My role: Identity & UI design
  • Romain's role: UX design, back development and iOS development (Swift)
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A search engine to make your life easier

Yagr is another side-project I started a long time ago with Romain Dorget. It is a geolocalized search engine that help you find things around you. I worked on the identity, the UX and UI design as well as the front-end development.

  • My role: Identity, UX/UI design & front-end developement
  • Romain's role: Original concept, UX design and back and front-end development
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Redesigning Versailles

I am currently working with the Spintank team on the redesign of the Château de Versailles website.

  • My role: Interactive design
Work in progress

When I’m not at work, I love making funny things online, like pleasevis.it, or laughing about the trendiest designers on an 100% name-dropping portfolio. I think we are working in a much too serious, too impersonal world and we should take a step back in order to remember the real goal of design (and - in a way - of work). I also have personal projects, like 11dupeuple, some blogs. I like this website too.


I have been working for 5 years in digital agencies as interactive art director and front-end developer. I work on institutionnal, showcase and media websites, as well as web and mobile apps.

I learnt design during my earliest experiences with Julien Milliès and at Rezo Zero. I find inspiration in every kind of designs or compositions, to create creative and unique projects. Concerned about details (on Google Chrome), I like thinking about the animations, interactions, supported by front-end development and UX design skills.

I like improving my workflows and testing new tools. I work in a clean environment using Sketch for design and Gulp/Git for development.

To finish, I like taking part of meaningful projects offering help, information or at least an enjoyable experience for the users.

— Selected clients

  • Château de Versailles
  • Mairie de Paris
  • Microsoft
  • Elysée
  • BNP Paribas

— Skills

  • Digital art direction
  • Interactive design
  • UX design
  • Javascript/Jquery